Terms of sales and refund policy.

Terms / Refunds

By clicking on a purchase link you are agreeing
to purchase the product(s) in question, knowing
and fulling understanding the refund policy listed

Any requests for refunds regarding the purchase of
downloads from eastcoastcats.com are handled on a case by case basis.

Regarding DVDs:
if a product is defective in any way a
replacement product will be sent out upon our
receipt of the original defective product you
originally ordered.

Regarding downloads: If you are having problems
with a download and the problem is not on our end
meaning that others including customers and our support staff
have tried succesfully to download the product,
you will need to submit your order information to
include your username, full name used when placing
the order, your email address used when placing
the order or your subscription number in reference
to the order in question to our support email.

Once this information has been received we will
test the download and adress the problem accordingly,
ensuring the download is fully functional. If need be, additional day(s) will be added to the length of your purchase.

Please ensure that you note your username / password
and keep them in a safe place. Also note, they are case
sensitive so make sure your caps key is not locked, thus
preventing you access to the download in question.